Tracy and Elise here! Hey family and friends, we are adjusting to life here in Haiti very well. We're super sweaty, no makeup and our hair has seen better days, but we are LOVING it! The food is awesome. We have discovered the yummy Haitian treat, spicy peanut butter and we are bringing some home for you! You should see us at night in our bug nets, that are sealed shut, no bugs allowed. Another day taurantula free, in our room at least.

God is doing amazing things here! Last night we met an ex witch doctor (Zourel)who told us his testimony. He shared with us about how he came to know Christ and how he used to live in darkness and now he is sharing his faith with other whitch doctors. Yesterday, we played with about 60 kids at the food distrubution center. The room was full of laughter as we played with balloons and crafts. They are so amazing and joyfull little kids! We are going to miss them. We (tracy and I) painted 3 benches for the worship center yesterday! We feel like so much was accomplished, the other part of our team worked on a house and laying cement! yey.

Today...was eventful, even though it's only about 12:30 right now. We started off our morning at 4:30am!! (yes, that's 2:30am at home) with a hike to a bat cave. This was no easy hike. It took us about 6 hours total. The scenery was beautiful, green mountains, corn fields, and grass so tall it was above all of our heads! We saw some baby goats and cows. We stopped to rest, eat and gaze at the view over the whole city of Pignon. Then we arrived! At the mouth of the cave there were 2 boa constrictors curled up in a tree. AHH!!! They didn't come near us, thank goodness! The whole inside of the cave was covered in guano (bat poo) and we needed flashlights just to see our way. There were bats flying around our heads. So then, I (Elise) decided to venture deeper into the cave with others. To get to the next area, we had to JUMP over a muddy/guano filled pool. Thankfully i made it...on the way there...on the way back, I wasn't so lucky...I jumped and my left foot sank THIGH DEEP into a hole of guano. Yes, that is the picture you are seeing above. My bat poo covered leg. On the way down the mountain, Tracy had a little spill into a bush when she lost her footing on some loose rocks which is nothing new for her. Into a bush she went and her pants got a nice big hole in them. It was more of a tipping over then a fall really.

Other than that, we are doing great! Excited to see what God will do through our team. We LOVE and miss you guys tons, and we are loving the letters. Until our next update! Tracy and Elise, signing off.