Lyn and Troy are helping plant some trees. The only fuel available in Haiti is wood and charcoal. Haiti is suffering greatly because of deforestation. Part of the work the local churches do is to help the community replenish their natural resources.

Chaz is spending time with a small child at the nutrition center. We spent one afternoon playing and doing crafts with the 80 kids who have been saved from starvation. Through the nutrition center they get one meal a day for four days of the week. It's not ideal but it is enough to keep them decently healthy. There is just two many kids in need to do more. Between 5 nutrition centers they are caring for over 250 kids. They could easily be caring for a couple thousand if they had the resources.

Anthony brought some power tools and with the help of a generator is helping them build some the benches they need for the almost 400 people now using it on Sunday. There is no Home Depot to buy wood. The wood is fresh cut and smoothed by hand saws. Needless to say the locals are having fun with the new tools.