Today was a busy day! We had VBC with around 100-120 kids, followed by shoe disturbution and clothes. We found out today that it is a requirment for all kids to have tennis shoes to go to school. Often times kids dont' go to school for one to two months due to their parents not being able to afford to buy tennis shoes. What a blessing not only these kids but for the parents. We meet with the Haitian board for UCI this evening and they said that they have parents coming up to them saying "thank you for the shoes" all the time now. It's amazing how God provides!

For the past two days we have had some very heavy afternoon/evening rain showers. It down pours for 3-5 hours straight. If you can pray because of the rain we have been unable to go and distrubute the food we have to give out. Please be praying that tomorrow and thursday between the hours of 3-7pm it stays dry, allowing us to go and deliever not only food but prayer to these people.

Thank you each so much for your prayers! Keep them up!

Enjoy the photos that will give you a glimps into what God is doing here! If you have it I suggest looking at the photos with the song "mighty to save" on as it seems to be our theme song here, we keep getting asked to sign it every where we go!

ps: on Thursday morning Elise & Tracy & Christe and others are going to be baptized in the river! The men's chore are joining us to sing, along with the local pastors and community! Photos to be posted!

VBC - Crafts

VBC - Drama time!

VBC - Sports Duck Duck Goss aka drip drip squeez