Hi, Cambri again.

We just had our evening devotional. Some are still worshipping, some have moved on to getting ready for bed... and some are blogging.

This evening's devo was led by Ms. Tracy Buchanan who shared with us the first of a series of noted her mom wrote for her to read on the trip. She wrote about how we will be seeing many things that we have never seen before. She compares it with a thought form the book "Crazy Love" in which the writer talks about all the different kinds of laughter. "What a cool reminder," Tracy's mom writes, "of how creative God is!"

Indeed, we have seen many beautiful things. Here are some of the favorites of the team:

1. Everyone here laughs. In spite of the language barrier, our team has used the universal languages of laughter and play to connect with this community. A moment Garth shared with us that he says says blessed his heart was when we were playing with the kids from the nutrition center in the worship center. Some were running around with their balloons, some were tossing beach balls around, but all 30 children were laughing.

2. Today, one of the projects we helped with was the building of a house of one of the men who built Zouel's (the former witch doctor's) house. Again, only two of the men were being paid to work, but about seven gathered to volunteer their time. We shared some laughs with them as well :)

3. When serving the children in the nutrition center, there was absolutely no shoving, pushing, or bickering for who went first. Indeed many of the kids helped pass out the bowls and plates. We sat with them and watched them interact- for instance, one girl helped her small brother eat his meal, blowing of the steam so that it wouldn't be too hot for him. Many took a few bites and packed the rest away to share with their families.

As we shared these stories and others with one another, Kristi shared with us a thought that makes these so much more precious. She told us about how once in this area, one could always hear the chanting, singing, and drum beating of voodoo rituals. Haitians would say that nothing good came out of this area. Praise God for the work He is doing here that such love and joy, evidenced in the constant laughter of the community, is alive!

As a close to the evening, Zouel shared with us his testimony. It was such a blessing to hear about how Christ's love changed his life. Before shaking everyone's hand (and receiving a few hugs) we asked how we might pray for him, and he asks that his six children don't remember what he used to be like. Please keeps him and his family in your prayers.

Tracy's mom shared Isaiah 30:17 with us: "Your eyes will see the king in all his splendor, and you will see a land that stretchs into the distance."

We have truly seen God's greatness and as we sang tonight "greater things have yet to come and are still to be done in this city." Praise God!