Good morning all,
Praise God for new day and that His JOY comes in the morning. We had a very sucessful VBS yesterday. We saw our brothers and sisters really using their gifts. Stevo, who has served our country in the military has much medical experience and did infection control yesterday. He took all the kids with cuts and open wounds and cared for them. He removed a bot fly from a boys leg.(for those who don't know what that is, because I didn't either, until yesterday, it's a fly that plants itself in your skin and lays it's eggs and then they eat away at your flesh) Pat showed much patience helping the younger children with their craft. Pastor Larry, Debbie, Jessica, JC, Karen, Kat and Stevo also demonstrated their acting abilities as they did a skit for the children based on the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It was hilarious. Kim, Amy, Jason, and JC took one for the team yesterday, they stayed out in the sun throughout the entire VBS and did sports with the kids. The sun in Haiti is no joke, their gift of compassion and kindness tword their team mates did not go unnoticed.

Jessica delivered a message last night at devotion time about the gifts God has given us and how we use them to serve him. She shared about the arm and the leg and how we need both, but that they are attached to one body, God's body of believers. She did GREAT! Jason piggy backed off that with Romans 12 and Karen brought in Phillipians and reminded us not worry or be anxious for anything, which was an ontime word. God's love is so amazing!

This morning a group of us started our day at 4am and we hiked to a voodoo cave. It was a very different experience. The hike was physically challenging(at least for me). We saw snakes in trees, bats and stuff left over from sacrifices. It did not smell nice in the cave. We made it back 5 hours later and now I am blogging with you. We have a choir coming to sing for us tonight. Stay tuned for tomorrow because it's Sunday and we are going to CHURCH!!! Please keep Pastor Joel lifted as he will be delivering a message of salvation tomorrow.

Thank you for loving Jesus and thank you for your prayers.