Today's post will be heavy on my side of things, since Trina and I spent the whole day at the local church painting murals on their walls. I really can't believe they let total strangers that don't even speak their language, just walk in with a bucket of paints and go-to-town on their church walls.

I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to stop me. Especially since people that lived nearby would walk in with the "what is going on in here?!" face, and then look me over with a raised eyebrow.

Well either way, I finished mine by 5pm but Trina's got more to go later this week. I kinda cheated because I made my painting kinda coloring book style, and all I needed was one kid that spoke english and 5 of his friends with paintbrushes to do the work for me!

It was like having an automatic mural machine.

I wish I could show you the final work, but my camera has been in critical condition lately, and it fritzed out. So when I'm not too lazy to track down Trina's camera, I'll post the results.

This is how we traveled to the church. Yes, my family, I shared an ATV with two other women (the driver is taking the photo here) . It was more crazy than riding a horse. It was like Mr. Toad's wild Haiti Ride. I held on with my death grip to the back luggage rack, while donkey and goat poop was flung up onto my skirt and shoes.


Trina on her right-hand wall.

Here I am with my "machine." Very helpful.

As we were taking a water break in the heat of the midday, we heard what sounded like a parade coming down the "highway."

(And by highway, HWY 3, that is about two cars width and rocky and potholed like you wouldn't believe)

I managed to conprehend, with my stupid charade gesturing to one of the kids, that the sound was comign from the school next door.

The photo above is an undercover photo of us crashing their dance rehearsal. Lion King Musical, eat your heart out, these kids were awesome. We thanked them with a bag of RedVines, which was totally against the rules, but hey, too late now.

The others got alot of stuff done today. Another VBS session, some sort of construction. There was much sweating and probably some more crying.

I promise to be more diplomatic tomorrow.