Hello friends and family,

Thank you for all your prayers. As usual change in plans since I last blogged. We were suppose to work on a house for a family that needs a roof and a floor, but we have had rain so the weather did not permit. We did continue on the basket ball court, mixing cement by hand and carrying it in buckets, we got about one sixth of it complete. We are believeing to finish it before we go home.

We did VBS with the nutrition center children yesterday and that was BEAUTIFUL. Debbie put VBS together and we followed her orders. Our big manly men were stringing beads on string. Bob, wore his soccer mom shirt and had a team of children holding his hand. Karen sneezed the kids into laughter, Pastor Joel danced like we have never seen before, Jason held a little girl in his lap and gave her his undivided attention. Aissa, and Debbie Albright made sure every child left there with something that belonged to them (crayins and a coloring book). This was harder tha you think because the children kept trying to give them back, as if we were only letting them borrow them. Overall VBS was a sucess and the children felt the love of JESUS. We will do another one on Friday for another nutrition center.

We have learned so much from our Hatian brothers and sisters in Christ, yesterday when were carrying the cement to the basketball court, we had the priviledge of listening to our Hatian family have a worship service from 8:30 to 12:30. They do this every Wednesday and they are fasting too. As we were reflecting in the evening, we realized as a group that many times we struggle to sit still in church for and hour and a half, or if we do more than the usual amount of songs it could be a problem. Never the less, those who have loved ones on this trip, we will be returning home to you still a work in progress for the Lord, but with a new appreciation for just who GOD IS IN OUR LIVES!

Last night Mr. Price, a former witch doctor, came to give his testimony. Remember, we have had rain with thunder a lightning. They don't have a car or umbrella or shoes for that matter, but it was so important to him and his family to come and share with us what God has done for them and how God had turned his life around. Mr. Price shared about the darkness and evil that he served for over 40 years and how that gets passed down to the next generation. Mr. Price is now blind, but is so happy because he can see the light of Jesus in his heart. His son, Kelli, now wants to be a Pastor when he grows up. Mrs. Price stuck it through, many times he would beat her and be cruel to her because of his practice of being a witch doctor, but yesterday they shared how good their marriage is now. She infact has to take care of Mr. Price because he blind, do to his former practices. Some of our men walked them home last night in the rain and mud, over some steep hills to house with no light. This morning Mrs. Price came back to wash the shoes of the men who took her family home. I think everybody cried this morning when we saw her here.

Make room in your hearts and your homes for your new family because this 2010 Haiti Team 1 has truely become a family and we now have a Hatian family too.

Thanks for your love and support. We will blog again tomorrow:)