Here's a photo from yesterday that I meant to post.


This morning was our first real day of work.
Our VBS began here at the Momprierre's place, because access was blocked to the original location by lots of sticky mud from last night's storm.
If some of you aren't familiar with what VBS stands for, it stands for "Controlled Chaos of Children that Learn about God and Play like Crazy" Yes, it should be called "CCCLGPC"
As I mentioned in my other blog, I took it upon myself to plan tye-dye for the kids. We *had* a plan. But around here, "plans" are really just basic ideas. And there was alot of alteration. :) They tye-dyed and then rushed off to play sports and jump rope and Sheep Sheep Goat (duck duck goose).
We had tons of extra kids and I can't wait for them come back to make more crafts, espcially since tomorrow's craft won't be insanely messy and complicated.
Beads. Very tidy.
This afternoon we walked around the village and gave big bags of rice and beans to families. 'Highlight of everyone's day I'm sure. One family told us that we were sent by God because they had absolutely no food and had been praying all day long for God to feed them. And then we arrived this afternoon! Hooray!

Here we are walking through the brush to the houses.

This is JeanJean Momprierre and one of the families we gave rice and beans to.

The little boy followed us to the rest of the houses.

I picked him up to carry him for a bit, and then his brother made fun of him and he wanted to get down. ha.
The children of this family were eating ashes from the firepit because they were so malnourished, before they met the Momprierres. Now the mother helps cook and clean for us messy and needy vistors. What that woman cooks on a cement fire pit puts all my food to shame!

There's more to report but we're having a meeting outside, and I'm supposed to be out there! I'm gonna get in trouble! ;)