In a little less than 8 hours Team 2 will be boarding a plane at SFO bound for Haiti. Some where between here and The Mompremiers the two teams will pass each other. In fact the flight Team 2 takes into Haiti is the same flight that Team 1 leaves on. Tomorrow, July 16th is a day we ask for your prayers for travel safety and protection. Pray for Team 2 and all the team luggage that it all gets there safely and in one piece. Please be praying for team 1 as they re-enter the US that the revelations of God's love for them and the people of Haiti is not lost. For Team 2 as they enter the only 3rd world nation in the North America that God prepares their heart, their minds, and their bodies for the work He has prepared for them there.

Thanks for your prayers!

It is with a mix of grieving and excitement that we will head for home tomorrow. Many would like to stay longer (don't worry - it is not an option at this point :). We look forward to seeing our family and friends, but will miss our new friends and colaborers in Christ here.

Joel met with these pastors for two days. They come for two to three days a week, walking as far as 15 hours away, in order to learn more about the Bible. They work for the gospel for little pay and much persecution, but have a great joy for the Lord.


Debbie helps some kids out at a vacation bible camp. At the end of the one day camp the team gives each child a new pair of shoes. For some kids it will be the only pair they have. For others it will mean the will have shoes that actually fit.

Here is some of the team posing with some cooking oil we handed out to folks in the community. Besides the oil we handed out bags of rice and beans. Food is already scarce here, but July is the worse month because of lack of rain and the harvest doesn't start till next month. Our visit for many folks was the difference between eating and starving.

This is the home that we helped to build here in Haiti. We hauled the rocks you see in the walls by hand. They were dug right out of the ground. This new home belongs to Zouell. He use to be a witch doctor. He shared with us his testimony of how he use to scare and trick people into giving him their money. Now he is one of the greatest evangelists for the church.