Well, the adventure has begun! It's been 37 hours since I've had any sleep so I'll try to keep this brief.

The team got off to a great start and lots of laughs as I was selected by the TSA for screening/searching as we went through security in SFO. Incriminating pics to come. Thankfully, no cavity search was required. :) We flew through the night to Miami and met a team of folks from the Santa Rosa area headed to the Dominican Replubic to build homes for the poor. They were taking a total of 50 students, although I think the majority of them were on another flight or were there already. None the less, it was encouraging to meet others who share our heart of compassion and were going to serve our Haitian friend's neighbors. A few of us also had the pleasure of meeting a woman who is an evangelist from Brooklyn, NY; she was born in Haiti and came to NY to serve the Lord. And now she was taking a team back to Haiti for a project, and to visit her family. Again, it was a great encouragement to meet our fellow brothers and sisters and share our stories.

We arrived in Haiti without incident, although collecting our luggage from baggage claim was an adventure - many of our bags lost their bright blue laminated WestGate tags intended to ease identification so, it took a while to identify all our "team" bags - most of which happen to be black, like just about every other suitcase going around the carousel at luggage claim. We ventured into chaotic, crowded, bustling city and took a brief but exciting (what traffic laws?) bus ride to another airport to catch our flight to Pignon, which was another adventure in itself. Did I mention chaotic and crowded? Well this is Haiti and that describes the small airport we arrived at for our puddle jumper to Pignon. Our flight out was delayed, and then further delayed when the airline informed me they could not take all of our luggage - this after they assured me they could take all the luggage we checked and had already sent a chartered cargo flight ahead of us to take additional luggage/supplies beyond our weight limit for this flight. So, we spent 4 hours there waiting for a larger plane that could take our entire team AND all the checked luggage.

Despite the heat and general fatigue of most of the team, it was an adventure. Brooks broke out his guitar and immediately became the center of attention with a number of the men working at the airport. He let one of them play and they bagan singing praise songs in Creole. Then, despite the language barrier, they tried to teach him how to share the gospel story with his fingers. Very cool. Others played an exciting game of Yatzee with microscopic dice on the floor, while still others managed to doze in and out of sleep waiting in the one room terminal.

The flight from Port au Prince to Pignon was uneventful, but hot and a little bumpy. This is a beautiful country from the air. We enjoyed a bumpy landing on a grass landing strip and were warmly greeted by our hosts, JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier. It was great to see them again! The drive from the airport was only 6 miles on Haiti's Highway #3, but it takes about 30 minutes because it's a dirt road; a rutted unmaintained dirt road. But everyone enjoyed the ride standing in the back of the pickup truck taking in the sights - try that in California and you'll get a ticket, or thrown in jail. Did I mention this is a beautiful country? It's even more beautiful from the ground.

We had a wonderful meal of rice, black bean sauce, pork, and fried plantains, then took a walk to see the new home Team 1 built for a former witch doctor. We couldn't believe how much they accomplished. Tomorrow we will begin our projects and I'll post further updates. Right now, those on our team who haven't passed out from exhaustion are enjoying some lively worship. It's good to be here, and we're anxious to see all that the Lord is going to do in the coming days.

Please pray for continued good health, safety and protection for our team; that lifelong bonds of friendship would be formed, that we'd be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and that the Lord's will would be done.

We bring you [somewhat] LIVE coverage from Pignon! Cambri Love reporting.

Praise the Lord, Elise Gire made it in one safe piece. (She says "Hi Mommy and Daddy!) The rest are questionable. [for those worried family members, just kidding :)] Actually, everyone made it without sickness, although bouts of fatigue and sore anatomy swept the party.

This just in: we just had our first tarantula sighting! One unlucky individual was outwitted by one sneaky arachnid who made it into the bunk before reinforcements were put up. It took a leap at its prey... And Dave just screamed and ran. But it's okay, he warned us this might happen.

In all seriousness though, we're safe and so excited to be here! After arriving, we were fed a delicious lunch (soon to be chased by a dinner of popcorn and brownies!) and were able to make the small walk to the house team numero un (workin my high school French skills) began for the former witch doctor. Did they mention they finished it!? Yeah, we were surprised as well! Kristi says that there was an amazing support from neighbors who came just to help as they would be helped if they were in need. It was starting to get dark just as we got back to the compound so exploration ended and fellowship began.

So I'm off to possibly get beaten in Go Fish one more time by two seven year olds. Everyone says good night! Tomorrow starts bright and early with a 430 am prayer time!! Stay tuned!

We have all safely arrived in america. We are waiting for our final flight to SFO #1705. We will arrive via America Airlines at 10 pm. We look forward to seeing family and friends. Our prayers are with team 2 who have just begun their grand adventure. Bonjay Benny Yu :)