Pastor Joel shared with us in the begining when we left that plans never stay as planned. Today's plan was to build a basket ball court; needless to say it is not even 11am Hatian time and we have squared a basketball court, filled the foundation of the school that is being built, dug trenches and removed weeds from the field. We have been productive physically, but above all we have built relationships with our Hatian brothers and sisters. We have worked side by side with one another and sometimes don't understand eachother, but we know that we all love the same GOD and that Jesus is making a difference in all of our lives.

Mito, one of our translators, has asked for prayer, he just got married 10 days ago. His wife, Rosemani, is in the choir and is a leader at church. They do not have a house yet and would like to have a baby. Keep them lifeted as well as our other brothers and sister.

Pastor Joel and Pastor Larry are sharing in a pastorial gathering today. Pastor's walked upto 11 hours, not miles, HOURS, to get here for this today. I can't wait to hear what they have to share.

I am going to recruite some others to blog now too.


We made it!!! Yesterday we had safe travels. Challenges started in the US with the airlines and luggage, but God worked it out. We landed on a grass field in Pignon and were greeted by many beautiful Hatian children as well as the Mompremier's.

We visited our first feeding center yesterday, many children from surrounding neighborhoods; older children caring for their younger siblings. They sang songs of worship, lead by their beautiful teacher, and then we were able to share in serving a healthy meal to the kids.

Time to go, today we have a project I will fill you in on later. KEEP PRAYING