Much to share this morning.

Pastor Joel and Pastor Larry, had an awesome time with the Pastors. They met a Pastor yesterday who can not read or write, he does not even recognize his name on paper, but when he opens God's word he is able to read it. This is a testimony of just how MIGHTY our God is.

We handed out clothes and shoes to the children yesterday and the look on their faces was priceless. We did not just hand them out we took time trying them on and finding something they liked. It was a humbling experience.

Yesterday we had the priviledge of making food bags and delivering them to people in the community. We brought food and prayer to the surrounding area. Seeds had already been planted before we arrived. The church had laid a cement foundation for a man and his wife. Yesterday we brought them rice, beans and oil; the man just could not understand why we were doing this and when the team prayed with him he gave his life to the Lord! ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!

This is a very hot time in Haiti and without the rain their crops will not grow. God was so good that we had some rain yesterday, just as we were finishing up our community prayer walk. We got back on the bus just in time. We were traveling back to the facility when our bus could not make it over the hill because of the road being so wet, our tires would just spin. We let the bus roll back to gain some momentum before we went up the hill again, but that didn't work. We tried putting everyone at the back of the bus, I'm not sure why, but that didn't work either. Finally we all got out of the bus, waited off to the side and sure enough the bus made it over the hill. This made for a great team bonding experience:) Needless to say the rain did not stop and we had thunderstorms all night. This caused the group to have devotion and reflection time inside last night and what a time that was. We did praise and worship and the POWER and PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit filled the room. God really does inhabit the praises of his people.

God has taken 19 people who met 3 or 4 times before this trip and made them a FAMILY of servants for his kingdom.

Today we have VBS for the wellness center kids, and we will work on a house for a family in need. We will also hear the testimony of a former witch doctor.

Keep praying,