This is it
We are leaving in two hours to head to the airport. This will be the final blog from Haiti. We cannot wait to see our families and friends, yet we will miss the new family and friends we will leave behind.

Yesterday was finishing project day. Jason and Amy painted lines on the basket ball court. The basket ball court is done and Pastor Larry, Donovan, Peter, and Jason played a few games with the boys. Others help put the roof on the house that was in need. Brittany, Karen, Kat, JC, Jessica and Aissa all washed the walls in the worship center and did some much needed painting. Debbie A., Debbie B., Pat and myself organized the church library and got things ready for when the school year starts. Kim, our artist in the group, painted a mural on the roof of the bus.

We had an chance to help the local community. They had a market, just for us, where we could buy hand made things to bring home. At night the boys youth choir came to sing for us.

To all who have been praying, THANK YOU! God is doing great things in Haiti. We will be heading to Miami and debriefing before we come home to San Jose. We will not be returning the same way we left. God has done a work in our hearts and we need time to refelect before we go back to our everyday lives.

Team 2,
We are praying for you. We know God will use you in a mighty way. We trust Him to keep you close as a team and to God Himself. Thank you for your servant hearts.

Signing out,