Bon Jour,
The men's choir last night was phenominal. There are 32 men in the choir and 27 came last night in the rain to sing for us. We had a wonderful time worshiping together. We went around the room and got to know eachother. The men's choir has been together for 30 years and has had the same leader for the past 29 years. The leader was sharing with us that he had 10 children, but one died in the earthquake so, now he has 9. The amazing thing is to know what he shared and watch how he praises God.

We went to 2 church services today. The first one was this morning at 8:50 am. We packed in the bus 3 people to a seat. It was great! We sang for our Hation brothers and sisters and the Holy Spirit spoke through Pastor Joel on salvation. The church was packed out with everyone in their Sunday best. Then we came home. I am sharing this because today is the sabath and the lovely women who usually cook for us are resting. We made our own fancy lunch; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:) We then attended an outreach service(or a come as you are service), here at the compound. The service started at 2pm. People just kept pouring in. Bob and Pastor Larry brought in every extra bench and chair we had and still people were sitting around on the ledge of the building and others were standing. The youth boys choir sang, the youth girls choir sang, as well did we. Pastor JonJon delivered the message and at the end there was an altar call and 5 people gave their lives to Jesus. Yes one was the woman I mentioned a few days ago, the former witch doctor's daughter. Thank you for believing with us. This siter has stepped out of darkness and into the light. THANK YOU JESUS! When service was over we spent sometime in fellowship getting to know the people. Pastor Larry grabbed his guitar and Debbie A., Debbie B., Kim, Pat and Karen all spent time doing fun songs with the kids.

There was a soccer game this afternoon and they wore all the uniforms we brought. Thank you Rolling Hills. Jason and JC played with the boys and the community gathered to watch.

Amy volunteered to make dinner. She has been spending lots of time in the kitchen with the ladies this past week, so she really knows her way around. Karen and Aissa are helping her. I think we are eating fried rice tonight. Lets just say we can't wait for the ladies to come back tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will get back to work on the basketball court and finish it. We will also visit the local market where we can but goats and pigs and things of that sort. I will let you know more about it tomorrow.

We miss you all A LOT!