Wow - where do I start?! I'll start by saying we are all doing well and are healthy! :)

When I first got here I could not stop thinking about how lucky I was to live in the US and have all the things I have. On the third day I spent time with Haitian women during a bible study led by Cathie. It was incredible to hear their stories and how Christ has changed their lives and the community around them. God opened by eyes and in an instance I was able to see all that they have, how blessed they are and how rich they are in the their relationship with Christ. It far surpases any thing I've seen in the U.S. Their spirtual wealth is abundant and leaves me speechless.

The other night we delivered beans, rice and cooking oil to homes. We prayed with each family we delivered food to and I was able to pray over a former witch doctor. It was so so incredible to hear his testmony and how Christ transformed his life. As we came to another house a lady shared with us that she had just ran out of food and had no idea how she was going to feed her children and then we showed up. They have to depend on God in ways I have never had to and it is so beatiful and moving to see the faith they live by and it is such a gift "to be the blessing."

I could go on and on but will leave it at that. Thank you ALL for your prayers. Please keep praying for our team, that God will continue to use us to touch their lives and open our eyes to see Him more clearly.